Choose from over 40 themes to take your event to the next level.

Encanto teepee sleepover

Magical Family

Fashion slumber party


Rose gold teepee sleepover

Rose Gold

Unicorn tent sleepover

Unicorn Magic

Mermaids tent teepee sleepover

Make a Splash Mermaid

Rainbow tent teepee sleepover

Shine Bright

llama tent teepee sleepover

No Prob Llama

paris slumber party

Meet Me In Paris 

birthday sleepover

Dance Life

lol dolls teepee party

Glam Doll BFFs

kitty cat slumber party tent

Crazy for Cats

starlet stars slumber party tents teepee


panda teepee tent sleepover slumber

Panda Fun

boho des moines teepee tent sleepover


sunset boho sleepover teepee

Sunset Boho

girl power tent teepee sleepover

The Future is Female

ice cream party

Ice Cream Dreams 

gone glam party teepee

Gone Glam

wake up and make up slumber party tents

Wake Up and Make up

tik toc teepee tipi sleepover slumber party

Dance the night away 

music lover party

Turn Up the Music

s[pace birthday party kids party teepee tent

Galactic Getaway

hamilton party

Rise Up

indoor tent camping teepee

Let’s Camp In (avail in bear or fox themes) 

fortnite teepee tent sleepover birthday party

Take Height 

boys birthday party minecraft

Survival Mode Minecraft

star wars teepee sleepover

Use the Force

the child baby yoda party

The Child

sports boys birthday teepee

Put Me in Coach

donut party slumber birthday

Donut Worry, Be Happy

family movie night party sleepover

Movie Night 

garden party enchanted sleepover slumber party

Secret Garden

bee birthday party ideas

Bee Happy

lego teepee sleepover tents


sun moon and starts celestial party sleepover

Sun Moon and Stars

tropic like it's hot tent sleepover tropical

Tropic Like It’s Hot

among us party teepee tent

Among Us

roblox kids party slumber tents


gamer party sleepover tents

Level Up Gamer

harry potter slumber party teepee

Harry Potter 

wild horses horse birthday party tents teepee

Wild Horses

dinosaur lovers party tents slumber party


superhero marvel birthday party tent teepee


sloth birthday party idea teepee

Just Hanging out Sloth

mad scientist party

Mad Scientist


Let's Taco Bout Your Sleepover

pirate party teepee sleepover





Let’s Glow Crazy

christmas kids slumber party teepee tent


halloween party slumber tents teepee


valentine's day party tent teepee sleepover

Be My Valentine