By accepting and using the rental items, the client (person(s) listed on the event agreement), for itself and all other persons that may use the rental items (including, but not limited to any of client's family or guests of the client in their home ), specifically acknowledges that each such item is being rented and used at the own risk of renter and such other persons.  Accordingly, the client, for itself and on behalf of all such other persons, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, hereby releases the Company and its owners, officers, employees, contractors and representatives (collectively, Let’s Slumber It or Company Parties) from any claims, damages, risks, losses, costs, expenses, injuries or death that may result from any use of any rented items, whether the client, the children of client (and/or the guests of client that use any of the rented items), including but not limited to any damages to property and/or client’s home, which in any way is associated with or caused by any rental items rented by client.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the client acknowledges and agrees that none of the Company Parties will be liable, obligated or responsible for accidents, injuries or property damage directly or indirectly caused or incurred by the use (or misuse) of any person of any rental items rented by Let’s Slumber It.  The client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless each of the Company Parties for, from and against any and all claims (including but not limited to claims of third parties), demands, suits, actions, causes of action, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to, court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees) which are made or asserted against, or which are incurred by, the company party, and which arises, directly or indirectly, out of this Agreement or any use by the client  or any other person (including, but not limited to any children of the client or any of client’s guests) that makes use of any rental items or which otherwise results from any act, omission, injury, accident, death or damage to property that arises from any use or rental of any items rented to the client by the Company (whether or not as a result of negligence and whether or not foreseeable). 


A $50 deposit is collected at the time of booking to secure your date and theme. It will be applied to your remaining balance. Final payment is expected no later than 7 days prior to your party (no exceptions).  With the final payment, a $100 refundable damage fee will also be collected. After the event is over and all property of Let's Slumber It is inspected and found to be free of stains or damage, the $100 damage fee with be returned (within 2 days following your event).


We accept PayPal and Venmo for deposit payment. We accept PayPal, Venmo, or cash for the final payment/refundable damage fee that is due at least 7 days prior to your event. Damage deposit will be returned within 2 days after party using the original form of payment. Full payment is due no later than 7 days prior to your event.


No children age 2 or under should be on our beds or in the teepees at any time for safety. Our set up at best designed for ages 5 and up. Prohibited items as described but not limited to animals such as dogs or cats in set up area, shoes, slime, fingernail polish, staining foods or drinks, make up, blood, etc. Any stains inside or outside the teepee or on any other items may result in partial or complete loss of damage deposit. Excessive cleaning needs as determined by Let's Slumber It staff may result in loss of damage deposit. Please keep the tent set up environment clean and smoke-free.


We ask that you cancel or reschedule as soon as possible if a conflict arises. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to your event, your deposit will be forfeited (only exception is cancellation due to inclement weather or illness/ exposure to COVID-19). Clients MUST email letsslumberit@gmail.com at least 7 days PRIOR to the scheduled event to reschedule for a future date to avoid forfeiting your deposit. We will try to accommodate your new event date, but themes and dates are subject to availability. If the event is cancelled for any reason, INSTEAD of rescheduling for a future date, A $50 cancellation fee will be retained and the rest of your deposit returned. If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us BEFORE booking to clarify any questions you may have. Thank you for understanding. 


A non-smoking environment must be provided at all times. An adult (18) years or older must be present for set up and tear down. Please clean and clear the area for set up of all furniture prior to our arrival time. Please do your best to keep pets out of the setup area during set up, event, and tear down. If the area is not clean and clear upon our arrival, we reserve the right to cancel your event without refund. If we encounter any unsafe environment upon our arrival we reserve the right to cancel the event with refund if no services rendered. It is the client's responsibility to ensure their home has enough room for set up and if adequate space is not provided, we reserve the right to cancel your event without refund. The overall size of the teepee and the twin air mattress combo is approximately 63"high x 50”W x 75”L. We can arrange the teepees in many different configurations to make them fit in most spaces. However, it is the clients responsibility to be sure the space is large enough to accommodate all teepees reserved. If not, there will not be any refunds. If you are unsure please send us a photo of the space with dimensions.


Any damages or lost/stolen items will result in loss of your damage fee and may incur additional replacement costs. The client is responsible for the cost of replacing any damaged items due to mistreatment during the rental period. If any item is damaged, stained, excessively dirty, or exposed to cigarette smoke, it will result in the loss of your damage fee.


We understand accidents happen and sometimes things get damaged or an item may require excessive cleaning. In the rare instance something is damaged, you are completely liable for the damages or excessive cleaning fees for items that are not in the same condition as they were when set up.

-Excessive Cleaning Fee is $10 per item*

-Damaged Items that will need to be replaced will require the following replacement fees:


LED Lighting- $20

Inflatable Mattresses- $10

Memory foam beds-$65

Fitted Sheets- $8

Blankets- $10

Decorative/Throw Pillows- $10

Adjustable Bed Tray-$18

Lantern- $8

Light box or other signage/decor- $15

*Let’s Slumber It deems if the item shall need excessive cleaning or if a replacement is needed. Payment for damages and excessive cleaning fees will result in loss of your damage fee and may incur additional fees. If all rental items are not accounted for at pickup, the renter is liable for all costs and fees to replace said items.   


Children must be supervised at all times by an adult (18) years or older during the rental period. Let's Slumber It will not be liable for any personal injury, death, loss, or damage to property however caused during your rental period. The client is responsible for any accidents that occur during the rental period. If you have any safety concerns regarding our equipment, please let us know prior to departure after set up so we can modify or remove items if needed.


Insurance is the client's responsibility during the rental time period. Let's Slumber It is not liable for any accidents that occur during the rental period. The client accepts all responsibility and is responsible for the security of the rental items at all times during the rental period. The client will be responsible for any damaged items.


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